Secure File Sharing System

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Description:   SFSS is simple, PHP-based file sharing system. It is:- really lightweight (4 pages)- database-free (all data is stored in PHP files)- stable for upload attacks- highly configurable

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Krimpy - IRC based file sharing utility. Krimpy is an Open Source file sharing client based on the Internet Relay Chat network. It allows users to easily share music, pictures, video and other files via IRC channels. Krimpy supports the popular SDFind protocol.

MooSharee A simple, multi-platform, HTTP based file sharing system. It will basically allow you to share files with your friends with a few click, and without them to download any special client, they'll just use their web browser.

P.A.S.T.E. P.A.S.T.E. Is a modded version of the friend-to-friend file sharing system W.A.S.T.E. Aimed at adding multisource downloads, encrypted chat, chatroom admins, chatroom bots, among other things. P.A.S.T.E. also has a high encryption key for all users.

QShare - A file sharing tool for friends QShare allows users to privately share files only with their friends. It is forbidden to use QShare for unauthorized sharing of copyrighted material.

Virtual File Sharing Hook The Virtual File Sharing Hook (VFSH) is a lightweight, open-ended framework allowing developers to take advantage of existing distributed file sharing functionalities in their own projects.

Web-Based File Submission System FileSub is an alternative to receiving assigned programs as email attachments. Students submit through a web form which refuses incomplete assignments, incorrect extensions, etc. Files are kept separate from your email arranged by student name.

Direct Connect Hub File Sharing Server DC Sharp Hub is a Direct Connect File Sharing Hub written in C# (C Sharp) that will provide connectivity with other peer to peer networks.

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ApexDC - The Pinnacle of File-Sharing ApexDCa„? is an innovative DC++ client based on StrongDC++. It features external plugins and scripting through LUA and much more. Both operators and users alike should find ApexDC++ a pleasant experience. DHT Global NetworkAutomated updatesLUA ScriptingSegment downloadingIntelligent file distributionPowerful Plugin API

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Secure Dispatch A secure file transfer program that is designed be very flexible in the way it handles connections. It allows you to operate and take control over the program to make it do what you need it to do.

Secure Internet Live Conferencing SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing) is a protocol which provides secure conferencing services in the Internet over insecure channels. The purpose of SILC is to provide secure chat services.

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